Frequently Asked Questions
Soooo, how does this whole thing work anyway?


It's simple, really. Sign up at the bottom of this page, and you can expect an email from us with a surprise first chapter from a YA/MG book we love, every month. 


Do I have to pay? 


Not at all - it's free as a bird.


What if I don't like the first chapter you send me?


That's cool, we all have different tastes. Just delete the email, and no harm done. Maybe love will find you in the next email. 


What if I LOVE the first chapter and want to read the rest of the book?


Yay, that means you fell in love at first chapter. Follow the links provided in the email to purchase or pre-order the full book.


Who curates the books?


We do! Find out who we are here


What kind of books do you pick? 


We choose YA/MG books we've read and adored that we'd recommend to others. But we have a particular fondness for stories that reflect diverse voices, stories that whisk us away into new worlds, and stories that make us feel all the things.


Do you guys get paid to do this?


Nope, we run this service with our own time and money because books make us happy, and we want to share the love.


Can I read your backlog of previous first chapters? 


Yes, you can read them here. But don't forget to sign up so you can have new ones delivered monthly to your inbox. 


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